Technical and Regulatory Issues Facing Nuclear Power Plants

Technical and Regulatory Issues Facing Nuclear Power Plants – Leveraging Global Experience

Today’s nuclear industry faces a number of challenges relating to the operation of existing fleets and the construction of new plants. While it is not often recognized, these challenges can be overlapping.

Since the 1970s, the World Nuclear Association has served as a forum for the global industry to exchange information and to develop safe and efficient solutions to common issues. Over the last 15 years its work has extended into more technical areas relating to power plant management.

This year, we are pleased to launch a new consultation/outreach initiative, a series of workshops in different regions, to solicit information on the main technical and regulatory issues facing nuclear power plants. The outputs from the workshops will be used to help address regional issues, and where necessary, inform the Association’s own global programme of work performed through its Working Groups.

The workshop series is being coordinated by the Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing Working Group, and Long-term Operation Task Force.

Workshop Objectives

New Build: Identify, prioritize and develop processes needed by the nuclear industry to attain standardization of licensing processes and further regulatory harmonization.

Long Term Operation: Identify, prioritize and develop standardized approaches by the nuclear industry towards achieving regulatory approval for extending plant lifetimes past 40 or 60 years.

Who should attend

  • Operators, vendors & suppliers (World Nuclear Association members and non-members).
  • National and regional stakeholders including industry organizations, government and regulatory agencies.
  • International organizations including MDEP, WANO, IAEA and the NEA.